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Certain pages are so hot, the ink is still wet. Please don't hesitate to reach out with ANY questions!

Founded in 1995, Voices of the South is a Memphis based non-profit theatre company that creates, produces, and performs theatre from diverse Southern perspectives. With deep roots in Narrative Theatre, our work includes award-winning new plays and adaptations of literature.

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Like a moth to a flame, all we need is light to do our shows

“Four Stars! Voices of the South are just as exotic, and will call to you as compellingly as any from Eastern Europe, South America or Africa. Alice Berry and Jenny Madden have made a career of lovingly adapting for their own performance famous Southern short stories and famous Southern writers’ reminiscences. They are a pleasure to watch, always charmingly amusing, never cacophonously zany. The effect is electric.”

The Scotsman, Edinburgh, Scotland


Fringe Festival


Memphis Children's Theatre Festival

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